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RockBox Jukebox Pro 3.0

Set your own jukebox at home or in your business using your MP3 collection
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Set your own jukebox at home or in your business using your MP3 collection. RockBox Jukebox Pro will provide you with very enjoyable moments at home together with your family and friends, or an extra income if you offer it for rent at your disco or bar. You can load a very large song collection in MP3 format and create different music libraries with them.

The program's user interface is, of course, its strongest asset. It consists of a flamboyant screen that you can personalize in several ways using the "Options" window, located in the program's control panel. For starters, the program supports skin interchange, allowing you to change its entire appearance very easily. In addition, you can also customize its logo and the animation files by replacing them with your own. You can define the colors of the text and the background of both the song’s title and the artist’s name. To top it all off, you can set up to five text strings to be constantly displayed on the screen using rotary animation. You may set the size of each text at small, medium or large.

The control panel allows you to add all the songs you want to be available on your jukebox, though unfortunately the program only supports audio files in MP3 format. As mentioned before, you may also create music libraries. You need to add the MP3 songs to each library one at a time, and switching from one library to another is very easy. The control panel also includes a basic but functional equalizer, and lets you hide the system's icons, the taskbar, the start button, and the clock. Finally, it is also possible to protect the program's control panel with a master password, so that only you can change its settings.

Once all parameters, song list, and music libraries are ready, you can start allowing your users to select their tracks in various ways – they can tell the jukebox to play a particular song by clicking on it or by entering its number, or tell it to play all songs either randomly or in a specific order. That order may be by album, artist, genre, number, title, or year. Then, you will be able to jump from one library to another with just a couple of clicks.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very attractive and fully customizable user interface
  • Allows you to protect its control panel with an administrator password
  • Supports a large amount of MP3 songs
  • Allows you to manage music libraries
  • Allows you to hide the system's icons, taskbar, start button, and clock


  • Supports audio files in MP3 format only
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